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Printed Kraft Paper Bags

Our luxury kraft gift bags provide a fashionable finish, are strong and fully reusable. Ideal for those looking for a recyclable option, our kraft paper bags are the perfect choice for eco-conscious retailers.

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Our range of kraft luxury gift bags provides a stylish, modern finish while offering strong, reusable and eco-friendly branded carriers for your products.

Litho printed on either white, black or brown kraft paper, these bags are ideal for retailers looking for an eco-conscious option, a bag that can be fully or partially (depending on the extra options added to your bag) recycled. 

Why not provide your customers with an environmentally friendly custom kraft bag that reflects the look, feel and ethos of your brand, expertly personalised to meet the needs of your bespoke products and perfectly crafted to suit your requirements?

These on-trend bags are great for increasing your brand awareness and will be reused time after time.


What colours can I choose for my luxury kraft gift bag?

If you're choosing our white kraft gift bag option, you can select any colour combination ranging from a single spot colour or logo, simple yet effective, to a full graphical multi-colour print representing your brand or event. 

Our brown kraft gift bag option can be printed in spot colours, but due to the nature of the brown kraft colouring, we'd recommend selecting darker colours or a single black logo as these work best with this on-trend base. White Spot UV looks great on these.

Due to its colour, we'd recommend using Hot Foil or Spot UV on our black kraft bags. Other colours don't show up as well. All of our black kraft luxury bags are made from recycled board.


What sizes are kraft gift bags available in?

We can customise your luxury bag to meet your business or event needs perfectly. Select any size you want, the ideal dimensions for your products, fashioned to meet your brand's unique needs, making this one of the most popular choices for retailers.

Sometimes, though, it can help to have a bit of guidance, and our expert team can walk you through the process step by step.

Our most popular luxury kraft bag sizes are:

  • 150 x 200 x 80 - often used for jewellery or beauty products
  • 280 x 220 x 100 - perfect for events and exhibitions
  • 400 x 300 x 120 mm - ideal for clothing
  • 420 x 360 x 150 mm - ideal for larger items


What about thickness?

Our white kraft gift bags come in 170gsm / 210gsm / 230gsm

Our brown kraft gift bags are made of slightly thicker paper at 200gsm

Our black kraft gift bags come in 250gsm


Choosing handles for your kraft luxury gift bag

We have an extensive range of handle options to ensure your bag is perfect for your products and customers.

  • Die Cut Handles can be cut into the bag in any size or shape and are popular with beauty brands and exhibition bags; they are great for emphasizing brand shapes or creating a unique look.
  • Polypropylene Rope Handles are the most popular choice and are available in over 50 colours.
  • Cotton Rope Handles are a little softer, more durable and less likely to stretch than polypropylene; choose from over 20 colours.
  • Special Cotton Rope Handles are our softest and most luxurious choice, available in over 20 colours, including a new range of on-trend neon options.
  • Satin Ribbon Handles are another popular choice and can be slotted through a hole in the bag or glued into place. They're available in any Pantone colour, so we can ensure a great match for your brand.
  • Grosgrain Ribbon Handles are identifiable from the ribs created across the ribbon, increasing its strength, and they are now available in a wider variety of colours.
  • Cotton Ribbon Handles are our highest quality ribbon handles; they are softer, providing a more luxurious feel.


Why you should choose us for your luxury packaging

Any size & spec available for your bags

Any Size & Spec

Full design service available for your bags

Full Design

Fast turnaround of your boxes and delivery included

Fast Turnaround
& Delivery

We can hold stock of your bags for you

We can hold
stock for you

We offer delivery od your bags to you

Eco Friendly Recyclable

Extra touches available for your kraft luxury gift bag

Ensuring your bag helps your brand awareness and stands out from the crowd can be enriched with a few extra touches; these additional design elements can make all the difference, especially at an event where impact and representation are critical.

Each or any combination of these can be added to your bespoke gift bag:

  • Hot Foil provides a metallic option in over 50 shades
  • Embossing or Debossing to help elements of your logo or design stand out
  • Slotted ribbon closure, giving that extra luxurious touch
  • Gloss UV to highlight elements of your design - this option means that the bag would no longer be fully recyclable, but does help some designs pop
  • Eyelets for your ribbon or rope handles, helping your bag last and last
  • Bespoke printed ribbon, that extra brand messaging and awareness
  • Printing on the inside of your bag, perfect for tag lines or marketing messages

Delivery and Order Quantities

For order quantities of less than 500 bags, delivery times are usually within 2 weeks after confirmation of your order.

For quantities over 500 standard orders need a little more time, usually delivered within 4 weeks, express orders are available in a shorter time frame for a little extra cost.

We offer free UK delivery on all our standard orders.

Our expert customer service team can take you through all of the quantity and delivery options available to ensure that your bag arrives when and where you need it and within your budget.

What makes Printed Luxury Bags the UK's leading supplier?

Our knowledgeable customer service team truly are the experts in branded packaging. You can be assured we will provide you with the perfect bag for your business or event.

For a quick quote or to place an order for your bespoke luxury kraft gift bags today, call us today on 01438 742890

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