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Ribbon or rope handles - the choice is yours

8th August 2022

With hundreds of colours and 6 different options choosing handles can be a difficult decision, so here's a few ideas to help you make the choice that works for you.

Rope or ribbon

Before I started working with luxury gift bags, I thought the difference between rope and ribbon was just preference - now I know that there is a bit more to it... 

Rope Handles

Available in a 3 different finishes rope handles are a popular choice for a reusable gift bag. Rope handles are durable and look very neat and functional. Starting with polypropylene, great value for money and available in over 50 colours - the perfect choice for exhibitions, moving through cotton which have a little less stretch and are softer, with over 20 colours to choose from, to special cotton, a top quality soft rope handle perfect for boutiques and special events.

Ribbon Handles

Again we have 3 ranges of ribbon handles, these are perfect for creating a modern stylish look with the ability to dye the ribbon to perfectly match the bag. Starting with satin in any pantone colour these handles can be threaded through holes or glued in place, through to grosgrain ribbon famous for it's ribbed appearance provided added strength and then cotton ribbons which feel soft and luxurious.

Still not sure which handle is right for your bag - that's okay our expert team at Luxury Printed Bags have created thousands of beautiful designs and will be able to guide you through the process ensuring your luxury bag in perfectly suited to your needs and those of your customers.


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