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Buying is an Emotional Experience

16th August 2022

Many retailers focus their marketing on emotional triggers and responses to enhance their customers buying experience. Researchers continue to show us just how emotional the shopping process is and sometimes how irrational we are as we peruse the stores for that perfect item. 

Hundreds of sounds, scents and tastes have been tested and proven to produce specific emotional responses and enhance the purchasing experience, helping to create feelings that make us part with our money and often return to places time and time again - sometimes without us realising it's happening.

Sight and touch are also important in activating our emotions especially when we're working with an aspirational brand. People have an expectation of what luxury looks and feels like. If it doesn't look or feel as the we expect then it diminishes our trust and confidence and degrades that overall feeling, sometimes helping to lead to that terrible buyer’s remorse.

With all of this in mind, luxury packaging for your luxury products has never been more important. It's a critical part of the shopping experience, fulfils expectation and helps to develop brand loyalty and awareness.

Your printed luxury bag should be the perfect reflection of the care and attention you put into creating beautiful products that people will treasure and we're here to help you ensure that it has the wow factor as well as being the ideal functional carrier that you need, amplifying your brand and leaving your customer feeling fantastic about their shopping experience.

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